Extend the power of Slack.

Turn your Slack chats into action


Clean lists

Real time collaboration produces clean lists of action items assigned to the people who get the job done


Easy to read

Make your important notes and tasks easy to find with automated workflows and reminders



Associate channels with customers, projects and opportunities to make maximum use of Slack

Slingr turns Slack into the ultimate task managerJohn Biggs, TechCrunch

Extending our team’s workflow with SLINGR is a natural for our developersTareq Maayah, CEO Exalt Technologies

SLINGR keeps our highly mobile team working together using the Slack mobile appLauren, Director of Operations FotoFwd

SLINGR Unlimited Users


For the whole team!
  • Slack Integration
  • 2 GB Database
  • 1 App Instance
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SLINGR Services Create perfect automation

App Dev/Month

As a Service
    2 Hours – $500
    5 Hours – $1,000
    15 Hours – $2,500
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Add-Ons (services included)

Per Month
  • Add one integration $200 (Includes configuration)
  • Add one app instance $100
  • Add 1GB Database $25
  • Add 1GB File Storage $.10
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Integrations that just work

We’ll tune them for you, and it’s all included


Google Calendar

From Slack, your action items are added to your Google calendar and are editable from SLINGR, Slack or Google.


Google Contacts

Fetch your Google contacts from Slack, where you can click-to-dial, email them, or share them with team members.



Now you can look in SLINGR to see who is reading your mail campaigns, and set listeners to notify you in Slack.



Get real time notifications in Slack when people respond to your landing page campaigns.



With all of your customer information in SLINGR, customer payment status can be shared with people who need to know.



Do you bill your customers for recurring services? Automate the entire workflow with SLINGR.

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