The Inventor’s Low Code
Application Platform

The Inventor’s Low Code
Application Platform

People are always inventing

New Technology Models

Design new digital business models without worrying about the constraints of underlying technology. Transform a collection of data and applications into an automated business platform.

New Ways to Work

Adopt new technologies without reinventing the wheel or suffering through disruptive rip and replace. Thrive without breaking a sweat in our era of accelerating technological change.

Our platform is the direct interface between your ideas and

The Entire Digital World.

Focus on the big ideas without getting bogged down by technology.

We help inventors bring ideas to life

Use Cases

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    SLINGR offers the only complete low code platform with powerful blockchain integration out of the box. Customers are building the future of blockchain business with projects involving currency exchanges, transfer agents, asset securitization, decentralized digital communities, and international biomedical intellectual property exchange.

  • Connector.

    On Demand Translation Services

    On demand translation service providers schedule translators using a single web portal to seamlessly match thousands of translators speaking 127 languages. SLINGR streamlines the workflow with advanced business process automation and systems integration, improving operational efficiency by 400%.

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    Background Checks

    Conducting background research is essential for employment, due diligence, m&a, banking, and the healthcare industries. Using SLINGR’s powerful integration and automation capabilities customers drastically reduced the manual processes involved in this research while improving speed, accuracy, and quality.

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    Biomedical Research

    Premier biomedical researchers utilize a variety of etymologies – making it difficult to deliver normalized data that everyone can use. SLINGR empowers biomedical researchers with advanced data orchestration, process automation and artificial intelligence integration to enhance the capabilities and speed of research.

Build It Yourself

Get started with a full-featured sandbox environment for only $99 a month and scale to an enterprise deployment when you are ready to launch. No refactoring or throw away MVP. All you need is a little Javascript experience to bring your idea to life.

Have Us Do It

Most customers choose to have our experienced team design, build and support their applications to reduce development, support and dev ops expenses while being able to scale on demand as their business grows.

You’ve come to the right place.
How would you like to get started?

We Build

  • New application development
  • Blockchain apps & integrations
  • System expansion
  • Software Integration
  • Bot creation & integration
  • Public API development

You Build

  • In-App Developer Support Documentation
  • Real-Time Slack Team Support
  • Javascript Team Augmentation

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