Software development
        will never be the same.

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  • Build apps in days not years
  • Create blockchain applications
  • Autogenerate APIs
  • Deploy changes with a single click
  • Integrate Dev Ops from day 1
  • Scale at will

SLINGR was founded on the vision to build a development platform that enables faster application development with native application integration and data orchestration.

When you lead the creation of an industry, sometimes the popular nomenclature can fall behind your achievements.

For example: Gartner created a category they call “high productivity application platform as a service”(high productivity aPaaS), while Forrester Research created their own category, “Low code application platform as a service” (low code aPaaS), which are essentially the exact same thing.

Additionally, Gartner coined the term “integration platform as a service” (iPaaS) for the category of applications and services that they define as, “a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of on premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within individual or across multiple organizations.”

SLINGR defies convention and traditional compartmentalization by natively incorporating the capabilities of all of these categories, which ultimately makes our customers happier and more productive.

Gartner predicts that 50% of business application will be built on platforms like SLINGR by 2020.

SLINGR Savings VS. Status Quo Custom Development

  Customer Valued Development

  Pre Development

  Post Launch Integration and Maintenance

The Status Quo

Pre Launch: 80% of a project budget is typically spent on underlying infrastructure, database, OS, resources management etc, before any meaningful customer value is created. Then when the project is running low on resources, functionality and design that touches the customer gets compromised.

Post Launch: The average software project then requires 300% more budget than originally allocated to support customer requests and integration requirements.


Pre Launch: With SLINGR, that original 80% of infrastructure spend is slashed, so more project resources can go to superior design and creating meaningful customer value so you can delight your stakeholders, beat your deadlines and dominate your competition.

Post Launch: The 300% typically spent on integrations and customer change requests is nearly eliminated as SLINGR built applications are already integrated and can be changed at a moments notice to meet new requirements with ease.


SMB & Enterprise

Integrate all your SaaS
Centralize your data
Drive Business Automation
Leverage AI today

SaaS Providers

Accelerate Feature Development
Lower Development Costs
Deliver More Value Faster


Create Apps & Integrations Faster
Focus on Apps not Infrastructure
Reduce Dev Time by 65%
and Maintenance Costs by 300%

SLINGR Professional Services

Our professional services team is comprised of senior business analysts, project managers, business consultants,
and software design consultants dedicated to helping you achieve your project objectives.

Product & Solutions Development

  • New Software Development
  • Software upgrade
  • System expansion
  • Software Integration
  • Bot creation & integration
  • Public API development

Operations /Digital Transformation

  • Workflow analysis
  • Digital workflow design
  • Systems analysis and optimization
  • Sytems integration
  • Customer, Partner, Vendor API development
  • Project planning/management support

SLINGR Integrations:

SLINGR’s native iPaaS capabilities enable integrating all of your applications and data sources, even legacy systems which may require FTP batch processing. Global data processing logic allows for cohesive data management policies with granular permissions and the ability to centralize and augment data or pass it transiently from source to destination. Whatever your data management and application integration objectives are, SLINGR can achieve them. Here is a list of some of the more popular applications we have integrated with recently.