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Extend the power of Slack.

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Clean lists

Real time collaboration produces clean lists of action items assigned to the people who get the job done


Easy to read

Make your important notes and tasks easy to find with automated workflows and reminders



Associate channels with customers, projects and opportunities to make maximum use of Slack

Extending our team’s workflow with SLINGR is a natural for our developersTareq Maayah, CEO Exalt Technologies

SLINGR keeps our highly mobile team working together using the Slack mobile appLauren, Director of Operations FotoFwd
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SLINGR Construction Solutions for Slack

What’s so great about the SLINGR + Slack combination?

Slack is a fantastic real time communication tool and mobile app that is simple enough for anyone to learn – replacing email and SMS chat. SLINGR effortlessly captures the essentials from these conversations, including notes, tasks, photos and documents to make sure everyone in the field the office is on the same page.

Slack handles the collaboration, SLINGR captures critical photos, files and notes in a simple web application

I’m a General Contractor. How do I set up Slack?

  1. Create a Team for each home/building
  2. Create a Channel for each room/project. Example #bedroom-1, #bedroom-2, #kitchen
  3. Invite participants and SLINGRbot to each channel. Example carpenter, plumber, electrician

I’m an electrician/plumber/roofer/carpenter. How do I set up Slack?

  1. Create a Team for your company
  2. Create a Channel for each job. The channels might include an address or client name.
  3. Invite participants and SLINGRbot to each channel. Examples include carpenter, plumber, electrician, billing contact, distributor.

What would I use Slack + SLINGR for?

  1. Chat – members have one place for chat/collaboration in Slack and historical messages are easy to find.
  2. Photo storing – all photos taken by Slack mobile app are automatically uploaded to SLINGR — no extra work!
  3. File storage – all files uploaded into Slack channels are automatically uploaded to the corresponding SLINGR channel — no extra work!
  4. Links – many times people will share links to parts, equipment or other documents. Links are automatically stored in SLINGR — no extra work!
  5. Permits, receipts, etc. — just take a picture of permits and receipts
  6. Tasks – Task management is easy with simple commands. Assign tasks, add notes, and update items from Slack and user SLINGR as the project management interface.
  7. Browser application to manage the entirety of your SLINGR data and workflows.

Tasks, data and documents are easy to manage with SLINGR!