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SaaS Providers

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Create Apps & Integrations Faster
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SMB & Enterprise

Business Customers
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SLINGR apps:

Extensible applications built with the SLINGR platform

SLINGRbot for Autotask

The Ultimate bot for Autotask Teams.
Stop the app juggling and get more done.

Get SLINGRbot for Autotask


Slack based task management. Think Slack + Trello. Great for teams and individuals managing projects and tasks.

Add ToDone for Slack!


Lightweight Slack & GitHub Integration so you can ditch the bloat of JIRA and get on with your life.

SLINGRbot For AutoTask

Many MSPs use Slack and AutoTask as part of their daily workflow.

SLINGRbot for AutoTask makes these favorite applications work together seamlessly. Adding SLINGRbot for AutoTask to your Slack team empowers users to accomplish the majority of their tasks directly in Slack without every having to log into AutoTask. Create accounts, assign tasks, update projects, add public and/or private notes, upload photos etc.


SLINGR Integrations:

Built to integrate every application. If it’s not in the list, it will be soon.