Complete Transfer Agent Blockchain Platform

The crypto evolution of the transfer agent industry.

$10 trillion in security tokens to be issued in the next 2 years.

We are the only platform that can aggressively support the complete technology needs of the transfer agent role with a solution that quickly adapts to a changing regulatory climate.

The Complete Solution

  • Ownership Protection

    Manage and restore tokens with a cancel and reissue option.

  • Wallet Management

    Provide omnibus wallets including wallet buckets for distinct segments of issuer tokens in order to organize inventory and to transparently manage balances on the blockchain.

  • Token Distribution Management

    Automate issuance and delivery of tokens during pre-sale and public offering with the flexibility to manage even the most intricate token designs.

  • Smart Contract Whitelist

    Support any curated whitelist requirements supported by any 3rd party KYC/AML validators. Deploy a whitelist smart contract to approved ethereum addresses according to issuer requirements.

  • Communications

    We maintain a GDPR-compliant list of investor identities and addresses to ensure a sound relationship between issuers and token holders and compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

  • Notifications to Token-Holders

    Dividend distributions including instructions that require moving tokens from exchanges to wallets meet “record date” instructions. Ongoing email address information updating for purposes of notifications, statements, and tax reporting.

  • Statements

    Generate periodic statements including pricing to feed mid-back office systems for issuers, broker-dealers and clearing firms who wish to provide Security Token Services.

  • Tax - Reporting

    Integrate with any 1099 delivery solution provider to support annual 1099s to token-holders where required.

  • Compliance

    Report Daily NAV on any token holdings, and period reporting where required. Timely reporting of changes to “Insider” wallet balances

  • Views & Data Access

    Leverage the powerful combination of a RESTful API with granular permissions and customizable management portal to provide full access to issuers, transfer agents and investors.

  • Token Deployment

    Automate the deployment of smart contracts to test and production blockchains. Drive complex automation involving on chain and off-chain (SaaS, IoT, AI) technologies. Out-of-the-Box access to a non-mining node to interact with smart contract data.

The power of the platform keeps SLINGR Transfer Agent clients ahead of the competition

The one certainty in security tokens is that systems changes will be ongoing as regulatory compliance evolves.

Building issuer and transfer agent using non-platform solutions (custom code) will result in a snarled application infrastructure that is difficult to adapt to change and custom requirements.

SLINGR Issuer and Transfer Agent solutions leverage a rock-solid application template supported by the SLINGR platform, enabling rapid, low risk and low-cost changes so you can adapt with confidence.

The SLINGR Platform is the Difference

Get started today with the flexibility to change on demand.

  • Rapidly developed and deployed

  • Easily extensible to 3rd party solutions

  • Changeable

Supported 3rd Party Wallets

  • Metamask

  • MEW (My Ether Wallet)

  • Trezor Hardware Wallet

  • Gnosis Multi-Signature Wallet

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