Business software has evolved into a footprint of lightweight SaaS
chosen to perform the task at hand

The bots from 6M installed applications bombard Slack users

Accelerating the data silo problem

The industry continues to focus on the space between with API solutions

SLINGR apps are the core of a SaaS ecosystem

Intelligently routing data across connected applications

Using a powerful bot that exchanges data with multiple applications

SLINGRbot for Slack


SLINGR makes it easy to add new features, integrations and automation

Fully managed, browser-based feature configuration, integrations framework, and data events processing.

Track application metrics including jobs processing, application logs, API events and database/file sizes.

Single sign on to BUILDR & Monitor. Add resources to scale including app and endpoint instances.

Replacing superfluous applications
and ad-hoc integrations With flexible SLINGR Apps

Data silos
Disconnected data events
Overlapping features
Multiple APIs

Feature flexibility
Integration framework
Cohesive events processing

Making all your data work for you !