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SLINGR is the digital transformation
engine you’ve been looking for

Business leaders are waking up …

to the fact that their < /shit > doesn’t work together and they have no good options to do anything to rectify the situation.

Businesses operate a complex ecosystem of multiple cloud applications and internal systems that were never designed to work together.

Leaders are stuck between multiple user groups with disparate needs that require the applications they rely on, and the needs of the business to operate more efficiently, leverage new technologies such as AI and IoT, and provide not only better visibility into key operations, but also more control and automation of these processes so they can survive, compete, and scale.

Fortunately we saw this day coming, and have spent years in intense effort with millions invested to solve this exact problem.

Here is what doesn’t work:

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    Topical API solutions

    APIs are great, however the vast majority of API solutions are topical in nature, meaning they can only do rather basic things, such as if app A does this, then app B does that. This approach works in very simple ecosystems, but it quickly breaks down as a practical or even workable approach where 3 or more applications need to work together. To create a workable solution, you need an application to connect all of your applications to facilitate integrated workflows operating from a converged data set.

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    Custom Applications

    Creating custom applications from scratch is an expensive and failure prone path. Internal development projects like this that are outside of the core business most often fail and go far over budget in doing so, never delivering a successful app.

That’s why a low code rapid application development platform designed for robust integrations is what you need.

Starting with our platform you can avoid all of the risk as well as reduce costs and time in development by 80%. In fact, we can even build the applications entirely for you, or create a starter application and let your team manage it from there.


How It Works

SLINGR is the answer to your digital transformation needs.

Customers subscribe to our platform to create custom applications designed around their optimum workflows that integrate with all of their existing and/or desired applications. While SLINGR is an application builder, many people in your organization may never see it even though they will benefit from it.

Because we can integrate with every other application, many users will continue to use the applications they are familiar with, yet SLINGR will be working in the background making everything else work together.

Of course, sometimes it makes more sense to replace out of date applications or applications that just don’t meet your needs anymore with an entirely new application and we can do that too.

Here’s how it works:

Create an account or project in ToDone by creating a channel in Slack.

Create a task assigned to a project or account and it is auto associated to Slingr ToDone.

Assign a team member to a task in Slack and it auto associates in Slingr ToDone.

Add a deadline to a task and sync it to google calendar.

Change the calendar setting in google calendar and it updates the slack and Slingr ToDone tasks.

SLINGR Integrations:

Only $99
for your entire team.
Get Started Today.

Oh, and the best part,
you can upgrade Slingr ToDone
to a full Slingr Developer platform
and create further customizations with
all your other applications.

Yeah, really.

SLINGR is a low code rapid application platform as a service, aPaaS.

Common Use Cases:

  • Integrate your CRM with your communications system, accounting software, webchat and SMS for enhanced customer support.
  • Connect your billing system via our API to vendor and customer billing systems.
  • Infuse critical contact and account history data to service and sales reps in realtime inside the applications they already use.
  • Converge and orchestrate multiple data sources, process the unified data set using Artificial Intelligence and get a clearer picture of business operations,

These are just some simple ideas meant to get your creative juices flowing.

What we work with clients helping them analyze their existing processes and provide advice regarding how to build a leading edge digital workflow.

How to Get Started

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    Make a list of your applications you need to work together.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Identify known process gaps that existing applications are not filling.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Stack rank your priorities, ie what functionalities or problems would you like to see addressed first.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Schedule a call with one of our application consultants.

  • Connector.Connector.

    We will listen to your project requirements, provide guidance, and an SOW for you to review.

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    You approve the SOW, sign contracts, and we start building your new application.

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    Along the way, you will find new requirements, and make changes.

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    No worries, we can accommodate nearly any change without adding massive new costs.

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