The ultimate bot for MSPs and VARs that live in Slack and rely on Autotask

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How It Works

Adding SLINGRbot for Autotask makes it easy for your entire company or team
to stop app switching and communicate directly with Autotask using Slack.


  • Slack channels can be assigned to accounts and/or projects.

  • When a new account or project is created in Autotask a new channel is automatically created in Slack.

  • Retrieve detailed account and project info from Autotask directly within Slack.

  • Link and unlink channels to accounts and projects.

  • Create tickets associated to projects and/or accounts from inside Slack.

  • Add notes to ticket numbers and choose to make them internal or public from within Slack.

  • Reassign ticket numbers inside Slack.

  • Retrieve a list of all open tickets.

  • Retrieve detailed ticket information.

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SLINGRbot for Autotask Pricing

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Here’s how it works:

Create an account or project in ToDone by creating a channel in Slack.

Create a task assigned to a project or account and it is auto associated to Slingr ToDone.

Assign a team member to a task in Slack and it auto associates in Slingr ToDone.

Add a deadline to a task and sync it to google calendar.

Change the calendar setting in google calendar and it updates the slack and Slingr ToDone tasks.

Add SLINGRbot for Autotask to Slack Now

Want more integrations?

Well, you are in luck,

SLINGRbot for Autotask is an application built using SLINGR’s platform.
This means that customers can create custom integrations with nearly every application available. You can even create custom behaviors designed specifically around your workflows. You can create your own applications using our platform, or leverage our professional services team to create them for you.

SLINGR Integrations:

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