The ultimate task manager for developer teams that love Slack.

For developer teams that live in Slack, Slingr Pepito is the powerhouse task manager that can free you and your teams form the limitations and costs of applications like JIRA.

Communicate in Slack, create To Do items in channels that are added to the task card board view, assign tasks to users, and add deadlines to items that are synced with google calendar. It couldn’t be simpler, or more powerful.

Here’s how it works:

Create an account or project in Pepito by creating a channel in Slack.

Create a task assigned to a project or account and it is auto associated to Slingr Pepito.

Assign a team member to a task in Slack and it auto associates in Slingr Pepito.

Add a deadline to a task and sync it to google calendar.

Change the calendar setting in google calendar and it updates the slack and Slingr Pepito tasks.

Easily arrange and sort cards in the card view page.

Or the List View.

Filter cards and content.

Slingr Pepito is integrated with GitHub.

Or the List View

Or the List View

Only $99
for your entire team.
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Oh, and the best part,
you can upgrade Slingr Pepito
to a full Slingr Developer platform
and create further customizations with
all your other applications.

Yeah, really.

Breathe, Breathe.