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SLINGRbot Promotes Slack, Autotask Integration for Teams Communications

ChannelE2E – Nov 20, 2017, by Sarah Kimmel

The right communication tools are essential for successful interactions within the company, and even outside of the company. Amid that reality, Slack has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. As more companies continue to choose Slack as their preferred method of communication, third-party tools are looking to integrate with the platform.

That’s even true in the MSP-centric market, where SLINGR’s SLINGRbot has been promoting Slack integrations with PSA platforms. We mentioned a few months ago that SLINGRbot does, in fact, work well with Autotask. Fast forward to present day and we have a little more insight on how Slack and Autotask integrate, thanks to SLINGRbot…

Integrating Slack with PSA Software: SLINGR’s solution

ChannelE2E – Aug 24, 2017, by Sarah Kimmel

Chat programs have always been a great way to communicate internally. Back when MSN Instant Messenger was pretty much the only game in town, it was mainly used to chat about issues, projects or just life. Luckily for everyone, technology has advanced and chat programs can do so much more, including help you improve customer service.

Companies are now creating integrations into chat programs, like Slack, to help bring a central platform that assists users with communicating not only with other people but programs they interact with on a daily basis.

Indeed, SLINGR just announced its integration tool. SLINGRbot is a new approach to Slack bots that gives users a unified bot experience across multiple applications. So far, it integrates Slack with Autotask’s PSA (professional services automation) software. More integrations are coming.

New vendors arise regularly, often by targeting narrow use cases to establish themselves. Slingr enables quick creation of apps using front ends such as Slack and Salesforce as a back end.

Forrester Report – July 31, 2017, by John R. Rymer

Client interest in low-code development platforms is rising — a logical response to the extreme pressure for new, modern software to win, serve, and retain customers. How do low-code platforms help AD&D pros create better software more quickly? Declarative development and incremental application development allow developers to build major types of business applications faster and more accurately than traditional coding and enterprise licensing models. ..

SLINGR turns Slack into
the ultimate task manager

TechCrunch – Nov 8, 2016, by John Biggs

Slack is great for taking lunch orders and sharing GIFs with an international team (as us about “Whiplash Wednesday!”) but it breaks down when you try to get real work done. That’s why SLINGR exists.

Created by experienced product manager Grace F. Schroeder, SLINGR was designed first as a platform and then as a product. Schroeder wanted something that a disparate team could use to connect with each other and set up tasks and code maintenance. Her experience at multiple very early cloud startups told her that software as a service was the way to go.

“In 2006, people were just starting to talk about cloud services…

SLINGR connects IBM Watson™
to Slack.

Press Release – Nov. 3, 2016

For people who wonder how their marketing, email and blog content is perceived by their audience, SLINGR Tone Analyzer, powered by IBM Watson™, is now available in Slack.

SLINGR launches Slack integrations with Google Contacts and Calendar

Press Release – Sept. 12, 2016

SLINGR launches Slack integrations with Google Contacts and Calendar. SLINGR, a workflow automation app for Slack teams, announces two new integrations available on the Slack Apps Marketplace. “SLINGR users wanted to put tasks on their Google calendars from Slack,” said Grace Schroeder, CEO.

SLINGR announces SLINGRbot, the only solution that communicates with any application or data source from Slack

Press Release – Aug. 23, 2017

SLINGR announces SLINGRbot, the only solution that communicates with any application or data source from Slack. “Today, many users experience chat overload when vendor-specific bots litter their Slack channels with different commands and behaviors. –