Getting Started with SLINGR ToDone

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SLINGR ToDone Overview

SLINGR ToDone is the ultimate task manager for teams that use Slack. ToDone comprises both a Slack bot in your Slack team, and a tightly coupled web application. In fact, some users may rarely access the web application while others may rarely use Slack. The bot and application are complementary. Slack channels are mirrored in ToDone so everything stay’s synced. Users can create tasks and opportunities and manage them in linear or cards view modes with drag and drop progress management. Contacts are also synced with Google Contacts and Calendar events with Google Calendar.


Once you add ToDone to your Slack team, one of the first things you will need to do is type #help in any channel SLINGR is invited to, to retrieve a list of all the bot commands. Once you do that, type #login to open and access the ToDone web application. In the web application you can then configure your integrations to Google Contacts and Google Calendar.

Creating Tasks in Slack

Creating tasks in ToDone is as easy as typing #td for “to do” and then typing your task. ToDone will present you with buttons in Slack to add task, add note, or add file. Once the task is created you can make further refinements in the ToDone web application such as assigning it to another contact in your Google contacts, or adding a due date to your Google calendar.

Channel Notes in Slack

Slack users are familiar with organizing their information using Slack channels. SLINGR ToDone builds on this concept by allowing the creation of Channel Notes. To create a channel note use command #acn for “add channel note”. To retrieve channel notes use the command # fcn for “fetch channel notes”.

Fetching Open Tasks

Fetching Open Tasks is a great way to get a look at all your open tasks in one easy step. Simply type #fott for “fetch open tasks today”. Similarly, to fetch open tasks for the month, us the command#fotm for “fetch open tasks for the month”.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts integration is included with ToDone. Once you configure the integration following the steps in the configuration video you will be able to quickly access all your contacts directly in Slack as well as in the ToDone web application.

Closing Tasks

Users can close tasks in ToDone by using the command #ct for “close task” and typing the task number. Example: #ct task2

Adding Notes to Tickets

To add Notes to Tickets use the command #atn for “add ticket note”.
Example: #atn ticketnumber ticket note