Getting Started with SLINGRbot for Autotask

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SLINGRbot for Autotask Introduction

As you get started with SLINGRbot for Autotask it is important to understand some basic conventions. SLINGRbot for Autotask leverages channels in Slack to interface with Accounts and Projects in Autotask. You can use the #link command in any channel to link it to an Account or Project in Autotask.

Updating Ticket Status

Update ticket statuses by typing the command #uts in the Slack channel linked to the appropriate Autotask Project or Account.

Channel Info

Use the command #info in any channel to return the Autotask Account or Project it is linked to.

Fetching Open Tickets and adding Notes

You can fetch open tickets for a specific Account or Project by using the command #fot in the linked Slack channel. You can also fetch all open tickets by typing the command in the SLINGRbot for Autotask channel. Adding ticket notes is accomplished by using the command #atn then typing the ticket number and your note. Your command should look like #atn T12345678 your note.