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for any business to introduce blockchain based business models.

Complete blockchain application development, management and integration with auto generated API and documentation.

Easily develop custom fit blockchain-interoperable applications

SLINGR is a pioneer in the mass migration to the blockchain

Demystifying the Blockchain



There are two types of token — utility tokens and security tokens. Utility tokens are designed to give the token-holder benefit in their utilization of a service. Security tokens are tokens that represent beneficial ownership in an underlying asset. To date, there are no US tokens in circulations that have been registered as security tokens with the SEC, though several are in process.


There are three main blockchain projects in place today — Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. Ethereum evolved the Blockchain concept to include additional parameters to extend the utilization of Blockchain technologies to include more business parameters to store transactions and reference off-chain data and services. Hyperledger is currently the leading project for enterprise permissioned Blockchain projects, and is the underlying technology to several major token economies.

The great migration

The benefits of Blockchain technology are undisputed. While there will be stumbling blocks, innovators who plant their flags with new business models will disrupt many incumbents.

Comprehensive Integrations

Integrate with any SaaS, AI, or IoT protocol out of the box.

Why You want a Platform for Blockchain

Dead End Products

Single purpose built blockchain applications are dead ends.

Powerful Platform

Building on our platform is faster, more reliable, and future proof.

Most are comprised of sloppy collections of open source components and custom code on a garage crash of virtual machines.

Enjoy enterprise grade proven infrastructure with comprehensive software lifecycle management.

Problems:   Not enterprise grade, difficult to adapt, scale, and update.

Benefits:   Build up to 90% faster, change on a dime, integrate with everything.

Application Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, our library of blockchain application templates accelerate your project and time to market.

Popular Projects Built with SLINGR

These examples illustrate the breadth of our platform, but the only limit to what the platform can create is your imagination.

Smart Contract/Token Development

We develop and deploy smart contracts with or without tokens

Issuer Management Applications

Our solutions include token management to support end to end processes

Blockchain Automation

Our integration framework treats blockchains like endpoint integrations for maximum flexibility

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