SLINGR intelligently routes data
across your connected apps

We create best-of-breed SaaS

using the footprint of lightweight applications that businesses love.

Automate repititous work

Total command is easy

Design the way you want your business to work! No more conforming to out of the box solutions.

Get your data where it needs to be

Data-driven deicisons

Cloud applications create data that is critical to real time decision-making. No more guessing.

Minimize business disruption

Flat-fee pricing

Once we understand your data automation objectives, we will propose a set-up fee and ongoing platform fee for unlimited users.

We have a bias for action and automation

Automation removes stress

Design your stress-free life! No more conforming to out of the box solutions.

Lengthy requirements are a waste of time

Put automation in the hands of the users

Your knowledge workers will be testing features immediately to make work life is easier.

Software as a Service with the Service

We don’t go away once setup is complete

Our clients reach us real time in our Slack support team, and by DMing SLINGRbot in your app!

Getting started

30 minute phone call
You send us sample data
We turn around a quote

Sample App Please!

Estimated Cost

Month 1 – $5000
Month 2 – $5000
Month 3 – $2500/month

I’ve got more questions


Unlimited users
Unlimited workflows & integrations
Ongoing application support

Sample App Please!

(*Applications with hostile integration environments may be extra. Additional charges apply for DB in excess of 2GB.)