The ultimate task manager for teams that love Slack.

Slack is a fantastic real time communication tool and mobile app that is simple enough for anyone to learn – replacing email and SMS chat. SLINGR effortlessly captures the essentials from these conversations including notes, tasks, photos, and documents to make sure everyone in the field and the office are on the same page.


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    Cards view style task management

  • Connector.Connector.

    Assign tasks to Google Contacts

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    Set dates for tasks in your or your team mates Google Calendar

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    Track progress in Google Calendar

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    Manage tasks and projects directly in Slack

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    Synchronized Google Calendar, changing dates for tasks in Google Calendar updates dates in ToDone cards view

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    Filter tasks by Assigned to, text string, due date, or status.



Here’s how it works:

Create an account or project in ToDone by creating a channel in Slack.

Create a task assigned to a project or account and it is auto associated to Slingr ToDone.

Assign a team member to a task in Slack and it auto associates in Slingr ToDone.

Add a deadline to a task and sync it to google calendar.

Change the calendar setting in google calendar and it updates the slack and Slingr ToDone tasks.


Start building your app or integration!

Want more integration?

No problem.
Upgrading Tradwware to a SLINGR platform
allows unlimited integrations and extensibility.