About Us

We built SLINGR because it had to exist.

The founders of SLINGR saw the coming proliferation of applications long ago.

Businesses now face the challenge of choosing among 10,000 apps (and counting) to pick the several dozen they need to get the job done.

The next questions are “how do I make this garage crash work together?” and “how do I look at all my data trapped in fragmented data silos?”
When I want to move services, “who owns my data?” and the search begins…

Companies take several well-worn paths:

  1. Grin and bear it
  2. Look for apps to fill the gaps.
  3. Use APIs.
  4. Build a custom application

None of these paths have a satisfactory destination.

  1. Grin and bear it – leaves you ripe for being disrupted out of existence.
  2. Looking for another app is like a junkie thinking they’ll quit after one more fix .
  3. Using API tools breaks down entirely with more than 2 apps, and they doesn’t address the data silo problem.
  4. Building a custom app is takes too long and the landscape is littered with those who have.

There was no good answer.
So we built one.

We believe:

  1. APIs are conduits not answers.
  2. Apps aren’t the problem, the problem is the gaps between them.
  3. You need access and control/orchestration of your data.
  4. Innovation will be faster at the edge, so we need to embrace that and plan to be flexible to allow changes as new better apps arrive.
  5. Businesses are too unique for off-the-shelf solutions.
  6. Custom apps from scratch are ultimately become spaghetti code.

The SLINGR platform is an automated way to build integrated solutions.

  1. Close the gaps between your apps.
  2. Access and orchestrate your fragmented data.
  3. Leverage the best of breed applications at the edge
  4. Build a custom application around your individual processes 80% faster and cheaper than building a custom app from scratch.

How do you get there from here?

We provide professional services to help get you up and running so you can show quick ROI. The best part is you can choose to have us continue to tweak and improve your app, or you can take over with in-house resources when you are ready.

Use Cases:

Build an app that connects all your other apps, enables data orchestration and improves business processes.


We built an app for a customer that provides scheduled and on demand language translation services. They have nearly 200 translators and serve 1000 jobs per day.
Their existing infrastructure was crashing daily, and they couldn’t scale.


SLINGR built a new application that:

  • Incorporated Slack as the front end UI to coordinate communications between appointment schedulers and translators.
  • Integrated with Eversign for Slack based contracts management that replaced paper forms and faxes improving efficiency by 400%, and reduced errors to zero.
  • Created a new front end UI for appointment schedulers to more efficiently fill appointments.
  • Created a new admin and management UI that enabled full work stream view.
  • ntegrated with their accounting and billing systems.
  • Provided a HIPPA and PCI compliant solution for billing.

Use Case:

Build an application to be resold as the core of a service.


A business in the on demand background check business wanted to scale, but was struggling with a largely manual set of processes behind a customer facing web portal. Margins were low, turnaround times were high, and scaling was just not possible.

SLINGR built an application that integrated with their customer facing web UI and automated most of the process while also improving accuracy by incorporating additional data sources to verify and confirm background check target identities. The manual components of the process were streamlined and overall efficiency improved by 70%, increased margins by 30%, and removed barriers to scaling. This project took 30 days.

Use Case:

Sometimes we find demand for applications working together and we build an application in house.


SLINGRbot for Autotask
Autotask is used by about 38% of the MSP market to manage their businesses. Many MSPs have also adopted Slack as their internal communications tool. Many MSPs had been asking for a Slack integration for Autotask, so we built one.

But hold on!

SLINGRbot isn’t a one trick bot.

It can be enhanced to become the only bot you need to communicate with all your business applications.

For example, users can opt to add electronic contracts management from Slack, inbound screen pops based on caller ID, even integrate it with accounts payable to easy access to customer statuses.