94 percent of Fortune 500 financial service and technology executives surveyed have plans to launch some level of blockchain-based initiative. (Source: Survey of 200 executives by Synechron)

In Crypto by Thomas Beck

However, only 6 percent thought they’d be able to locate the talent needed to make those plans a reality. Estimates show that there are 14 open Blockchain developer jobs for every qualified blockchain developer.

The simple truth is the blockchain technology universe won’t evolve by standing up a full stack developer team — the way SaaS came out. There’s too much opportunity competing for a severe lack of developer resources.

Blockchain technologies which leverage rapid application development platforms like SLINGR can enter markets with the speed and flexibility that outperform their custom-code contemporaries.

Different from a custom code project, a javascript developer using SLINGR can stand up a fully functioning enterprise-grade blockchain solution with an auto-generated user interface, automated refactoring, and one-click deployments.

In the race against time and a technology landscape with daily tectonic shifts, the SLINGR low-code platform is the smartest decision a business can make.

“But hold on there buddy, who owns the IP?” That is a fair question.

The assumption underlying this question is that custom code is custom. Most software today is comprised of anywhere from 30% – 67% of 3rd party packages and open source components stitched together with custom code. Those 3rd party components help speed up development by avoiding “reinventing the wheel” for common functional requirements. These components aren’t part of a company’s IP, nor are they striving to maintain your project’s interest going forward. The result is that often-times managing sub-component software adds to dev-ops complexity.

In summary, the value of your custom code from an IP perspective isn’t as valuable as your ability to integrate and apply modern technologies to support a newer/better/smarter business model and the value of your data. The SLINGR platform gives you the two things you can’t buy with money — talented technology resources and time.